Monday, September 26, 2011

Pinhole Photography

This was done in Sec 2. I just found it in my art file.

The concept was to take different things in Nanyang, different things that are significant to me in Nanyang.

That photo was my favourite, but it got smudged and stuff. (I don't know how it happened. Maybe over the years it got oxidized or something.) It was a picture taken at the red path, behind the school, on a 'patio'. I seriously walked to many parts of Nanyang during that period of time. I wanted to take the boarding school, but it did not come out.

I think I probably overexposed it. My can was really small and the EV at that spot was quite high that day. I took the same spot 3 times and this was the best shot I could get. I swear it wasn't blur in 2009. Maybe I should have opened the pinhole can for just 1 second instead.

So out of the rest, which are still clear and nice, my favourite was this one:

This picture was taken when my pinhole can was placed on the picnic table (behind the canteen, near the basketball court). In the foreground it's the wood of the wooden picnic table. And in the background, there's part of a school and part of the swing.

I like how the picnic table part swirls and creates a different effect. But then I feel that this photo is quite random (the composition).

From the photography lessons, I have learnt to be more responsible and more considerate from developing photos and loading paper in the dark room. Also, I have learnt to be more patient and more careful when waiting for the EV device and calculating the seconds for my can.

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  1. I really like your pin holes cos they seem so fixed, free of layers unlike mine. I think you could have tried poking more holes in your camera to see what effects you'll achieve?